• Rowan McDonagh

What’s the next right thing to do?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

During your day in work or at home. Before you make a decision or say something ask yourself 'What the next right thing to do?'

This is so simple a concept it, almost seems ridiculous -

Try pausing before you make a decision.

Ask yourself 'what's the next right thing to do?'

How will this affect others?

Where and what is this decision or statement based on?

It will help you to make clear decisions or choices based on logic and thought, rather then your first instinct or reaction.

Play the tape out in your head, what happens if i do this as apposed to that?

If I get high now, will I put others in danger?

Am I making that guy feel part of the team even though I don't particularly like him, is that being a good leader and crew member?

Try it out, you'll soon make less mistakes and your day will go smoother.

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