• Rowan McDonagh


Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If your head is full of bad chatter and you're feeling you're about to blow or sink - talk to someone. Even out loud to yourself. It will take some of the power out of it.

We all tend to keep stuff bottled up, our worries, concerns. Especially our worries and emotions.

We work in a industry where we don't talk about the real things that matter. Some of our work mates suffer in silence because they don't feel it is a place or space to discuss if they are struggling.

By talking and asking others how they are and opening up about how you are, breeds a culture that looks after each of us and that will in turn look after you.

We spend so much time together we should be there for the good and the bad times to lend some strength.

Notice someone is not right in themselves today? Ask them offside 'are you ok?'

That simple question can sometimes literally turn someones day around and in some cases save a life.

Ask (ask gently and quietly, are they ok?)

Listen (listen compassionately, and empathetically)

Help (offer help or guide them towards professional help if wanted)

The old saying is true - a problem shared is a problem halved.

If you are affected by any of the content you’re reading on this website, please seek support from any of the services included in the helplines tab above. You are not alone.

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