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Negative thoughts are normal

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It’s ok to have negative thoughts but realise they are just that, thoughts. Observe them for a bit but don’t feed them. They are as valid as positive thoughts. Keep it balanced.

We all have those mornings, where we wake up and feel The Dread upon us. Worried for a reason or for no particular reason even.

We feel we can't do this day, can't face those people, I'm useless.

These are normal but they are not fact. We can sometimes feed these thoughts and make them real.

My advice is to let them in, don't pack them away because they will resurface.

Ponder them for a moment and then weigh them up, counter them with reality:

I can't do this day - You can, you have had days like this before and you coped, this is something you have beaten before

I'm Useless - If you were useless you would not have been asked to work, hired for the job. People see your worth.

Little balances of positivity against the negative will eventually become habit and when a negative thought hits you mind will instantly counter with a positive.

It's not easy! It takes practice, start small.

If you are affected by any of the content you’re reading on this website, please seek support from any of the services included in the helplines tab above. You are not alone.

Something to watch on the topic:

Mind Control: How to win the war in your head | Owen Fitzpatrick | TEDxTallaght

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