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The Tech Check

The Tech Check talks aim to have a no holds barred, frank conversation about mental health issues prevalent for those who work in the live event industries.  The aim is to smash some of the myths associated and to show how many of us continue to hide, carry or work through mental health issues alone.
The reality is that the vast majority experience mental health problems, be they temporary or chronic, and still manage to achieve great things or small things greatly.  We hope to show that through open and honest conversations, that we can help improve and support both the individual and our live event community as a whole.


Now more than ever, we need to bring mental health to the centre stage and focus a light on issues that have been in the dark in our community for a very long time.


We are not professional trained counsellors. We are peers here to listen and support. If you are affected by any of the topics in this show, please seek professional help from any of the helplines listed above.

Let's talk!

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